Sept. 17th, 2014:
Hello world and welcome to my glorious new web page! Aren't I a special snowflake? This is my first blog post and I plan to write one every week. I'm an aspiring writer and my first novel is called Apprentice of the Rain. God willing I'll release it on Amazon and SmashWords by October 1st. Its been a long and winding road, starting way back in 1999 under the semi-hallucinatory effects of influenza, laryngitis, and terminal cabin fever. I'm on the final editing pass right now, just smoothing things out and adding a little polish. I revealed the cover art a couple weeks ago, but due to some oddball copyrights I'll have to redo part of it from scratch. C'est la vie. Last year I entered a writing contest from Innsmouth Free Press. The topic was "Swords and Sorcery meets HP Lovecraft." Lovecraft is one of my favorite authors and epic fantasy is one of my favorite genres so I dove right in. The result was The Necromancer's Deception. They didn't accept it for their magazine but I'm proud of it anyway. If you want a taste of my style its available free right here
Until next week!