Oct. 19th, 2014:
I missed a blog post last week and have failed my zero loyal subscribers. My apologies. My wife got a job - a real full time job, so I've become a house husband with my grueling 12 hour work week.
I finally finished Mistborn and its taken a firm place somewhere in my top 3 best books ever. Watching the world go from purely hard to very soft magic rules was fascinating. Also, Vin's earring was one of the best literary devices I've ever seen. Great stuff.
I also got around to reading a sci-fi classic that's a whole generation older than I am: I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. If anyone out there hasn't read this, its right here, its very short, and easily the most psychologically horrifying short story I've ever read. Even the venerable HP Lovecraft can't hold up to this. They made a DOS game based on it a while back, I should track that down...
Final editing pass of Apprentice is nearing completion. I'm on the last arc with 40-odd pages to go. November is national writer's month so I'll publish then. I swear. Really!