April 9th, 2015

Back to life?
Some of you heard we had secret plans, diabolical master plans. Well, much like Pinky and the Brain, they failed. I applied to the University of Aalto in Helsinki, Finland. I was going to get my masters in game design. It would have been a dream come true. Finland has one of the best social support systems in the world and I've been a game designer since childhood. But alas.
After eight years in the great state of rice and tea, we have (finally?) decided its time to return. My wife and I are looking for real careers. I want to be an animator and she wants to go into management. We'll crash with my family while starting the great job hunt in Boston. I miss Boston, its one of my favorite cities.
Today I got the first physical copy of Apprentice! An actual book in my hands! I realize eBooks have their appeal, especially with convenience and all, but there's something special about holding the tangible thing. Shadow of the Rain is underway and I will continue working on it. Maybe someday my writing will be profitable, my dream is to make it my real 9-5.